My access code is not working
Codes are case-sensitive so make sure that you are typing it it correctly. Please look at your code again and make sure that you entered it in correctly and that you are not substituting letters for numbers, etc. If you still need help please contact us. Look on the back of the card and make sure that you are on the correct website. Some cards from older events may use a different download service. 

I lost/forgot my password: 
Click on Login and Request new password.

I lost/forgot my username: 
No Problem! You can also login with your email address. After login, your username will be at the top of the page

I can't find the steaming video or audio file that I purchased: 
This content is located in "My Media Library"

Where is "My Media Library"?
You can access your Media Library by logging in and clicking on "My Account"

Where do I go to save the download file that I purchased? 
This content is located in "My Media Library"

What is a zip file? 
Think of a zip file as a container that can hold many different files inside of it. If you have a faster connection it may be easier to download one zip file containing all of the mp3's instead of downloading each one individually.

Upon download of the zip file you can double click it to decompress the contents. Upon doing this, all of you mp3 files will be available in a folder that has the same name as the zip file.  

I can't download the zip file to my iPhone or iPad:
Apple's iOS devices do not support this type of file. You can only play the mp3 files to your device. If you want to download the zip file you need to do it from your computer.  

Why can't I download to my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? 
Apple's iOS operating system does not support the downloading of files to the device. You should however be able to stream the files in your Media Library to these devices. To put the file on your device, please download to a computer and add your audio or video product to iTunes. From iTunes you will be able to copy or sync the file to your device. Or, you can download a free app like My Media Download Manager

Can I access my Media Library with my mobile device?
Yes. This site supports most modern mobile devices and tablets including the Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Is my information safe? 
Yes. Your personal and payment information is just as safe as it would be on any major e-commerce site. All of your information is kept in an encrypted database. All credit card information is passed in a secure envirnoment to for processing. We do not keep any of your credit card information on our system.

What if I need more help?
Please contact us